Music- Mrs. Dishong

Happy 2019!  There are some cool events coming up here at Roberts School!

The Third Grade Chorus will be performing with all Third Grade for their show "Fifty Nifty United States" on Thursday, June 6 at 7 PM on the stage.  This show features songs and dances celebrating the fifty states that make up America.  


Fifty Nifty Cast in Order of Appearance

Program Artwork- James Bowker

Animation- Kennedy Hang

Teacher- Dalya Salhuddin

Drew- Molly McKearney

Quinn- Maddie Cioll

Chronos/Recorder- Brianna Radziemsky

Time Machine Sound Effects- Micahel Morfin

Berry Gordy- Parker Miller

Diana Ross/Piano/Solo- Willa McGee

Mary Wells- Gabriella Gray

Abraham Lincoln/Solo- Elliot Cohen

Mayor of Chicago/Solo- Brayden Howard

Sweet Home Chicago Dancers- Max Moseley, Jordan Nunes-Silva, Noah Solano-Menchaca

William Clark- Joseph Dragun

Merriweather Lewis/Recorder- Chase Yalon

Sacajawea/Solo- Neiko Stutzbach

Cameahwait- Levi Ornelas

Kimimela- Madeline Broadwater

Shoshone Singers- Maia Armstrong, Katherine Blair

Hiram Larkin- Gavin Zukowski

Hetty Larkin/Solo- Khloe Cox

Maggie Larkin- Julia Usle

Rachel Larkin- Mia Thomas

Rebecca Larkin- Lily Seiden

Matthew Belknap/Solo- Niko McAllister

Autoharpist for Colorado Trail- Ricki Valosich

Alex the Actor- Stella Lam

Bailey the Ventriloquist- Jessica Anderson

Cameron the Actor- Maddy Del Collo

Charlie the Actor- Gregory Webekind

Blake/Solo- Jillian Tetreault

Party in the USA Featured Dancer- Amaya Egan

Irish Fiddler- Adela Thomason

Margaret Haughery/Solo- Evelyn Pattilo

Down at the Twist and Shout Dancers-

Mohammad Alrahhal, Nour Alrahhal, Grace Babcock, Stefi Gonzalez-Montero, Kennedy Hang, Gianni Manchello, Preston Miller, Lucia Nicolais, Eva Passarella, Gabriel Petrocco, Bryce Romano, Caleb Smith, Brady Sherry, Nick Walczak

Recorder Ensemble-

Miles Aplin, Brooke Carmichael, Jackson Carty, Jake Eckert, Giuliana Grossi, Aaron Hunter, Noah Johnson, Zak Kelly, Isabel Kwon, Lea Leinenbach, Anthony Orsini, Alex Pietranik, Brianna Radziemski, Vedant Yadav

Bucket Drumming Brigade-

Zachary Purdin, Drum Leader

Drummers- Emma Beach, Ethan Brooks, Hunter Glenn, Sebastian Marner, Salik Rabbani, Quinn Wenke-Lundgren

Benjamin Franklin- Max Galvano

Thomas Jefferson- Enrique Magana

John Hancock- Sean Martin

Alexander Hamilton/Solo- Sadie Greenleaf

Friedrich Von Steuben/Recorder- Jackson Carty

Revolutionary War Soldiers- James Bowker, Ryan Moraes-Lima, Aiden Pawlowski

George Washington- Christopher Tetreault

Martha Washington- Annalise Schultz

Betsy Ross/Recorder- Cordelia Russell

Yankee Doodle Piano Duet- Aiyana and Finn Gakis

Yankee Doodle Vocal Solo- Lea Leinenbach

Fifty Nifty United States Costumes

Here are the costume requirements for students for the Third Grade Show on June 6, at 7 PM.

I have special costumes to give students to wear with the clothes I’m requesting.

ALL THIRD GRADERS- Wear comfortable shoes!  

Teacher- Wear an outfit that is inspired by your favorite teacher.

Diana Ross and Mary Wilson- Solid color knee-length fancy dress with a feather boa

Sacajawea, Cameahwait, Kimimela, Shoshone Singers- Black pants or shorts (sweatpants or leggings are OK).  Plain white t-shirt or tank top. Boots or moccasins would be nice but not necessary.

Lewis and Clark- Plain white t-shirts, tan or brown pants, and dark shoes.  

Hiram Larkin and Matthew Bellknap- Brown or tan pants, solid-color long-sleeved shirt.  Suspenders would be nice, but not necessary.

Rachel, Rebecca, and Maggie Larkin- A plain white t-shirt

Drew and Quinn; Party in the USA Actors, Dancer, and Puppet; Time Machine Sound Effect (Michael Morfin)- Wear a stylish-looking, comfortable outfit that is red, white, and blue.  (Drew will need a Supreme shirt to match her outfit.)

Down at the Twist and Shout Dancers- Plain white T-shirt and jeans

Berry Gordy, Abraham Lincoln, Mayor of Chicago, Sweet Home Chicago Dancers- Wear a long-sleeved button down white shirt and dark pants.  Berry will need a long tie. Sweet Home Chicago Dancers will need long black ties.  Abraham and Mayor of Chicago will need black bow ties.

Bucket Drum Brigade, Yankee Doodle Piano Duet, Revolutionary War Soldiers, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, Friedrich Von Steuben- Wear a long-sleeved button down white shirt and black sweatpants with long white socks.

Alexander Hamilton- Wear a long-sleeved button down white blouse with ruffles and/or lace. and black sweatpants or knickers (knee pants) with long white socks.

Recorder Ensemble- Wear a plain white t-shirt and black sweatpants with long white socks.

Chronos, Hettie Larkin, Pioneer Autoharp, Violinist, Margaret Haughery, Martha Washington, Betsy Ross- Your costumes will be provided for you.

If you have any questions regarding costumes, please e-mail me at

Thank you for your cooperation,

Laura Dishong

Third Grade Chorus Concert Links
Fifty Nifty United States- (This is different than our arrangement):
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Colorado Trail-
Party in the USA
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My Shot-  (doesn't have complete song)
The Spirit of America-
Von Steuben Military Drill from American Revolution
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I will add more links as they become available.

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