We love reading!

Our school library helps our children grow as readers and learners. Did you know? There is plenty of evidence showing that quality school library programs clearly contribute to student success.* Hooray! We are lucky to be part of a vibrant community of people who know enough and care enough to foster that culture of library love!

Roberts School Library continues its initiative of continuous improvement and beautification. Our wonderful Roberts families support us in many ways:

  • READ with your child! Experiment to find a routine that works for your busy family. These days are precious -- savor time together cuddling up with a book!
  • GIVE a new book in honor of a birthday or other special occasion (see left column).
  • VOLUNTEER to help during library time.
  • SHOP the Home & School Bookfairs, which help grow our collection of enticing material.
  • PROTECT our investment.
    • Have a special place to keep library books safe and separate.
    • Handle with care. Please do NOT attempt any repairs! A note would be most appreciated.
    • Keep books clean and dry. Water bottles in backpacks are the #1 destroyer of library books!
    • Return books when finished. To renew, just ask! 
    • If a book is lost or irreparable, we will send a notice home. Please make checks payable to MTPS. 
  • JOIN Home and School, which brings us author day, book swap, bookfairs, volunteers, new books, and lots of enriching things throughout our entire school.
  • ilovelibraries - open book with pages folded over to look like a heart

* American Library Association, http://www.ilovelibraries.org/school-libraries/school-libraries-and-student-success